We spend years shaping and reshaping our lives until we establish a safe routine; we start to believe it is the only way to live – the correct way to do so. Our lives, and our desktops, become crowded with dull, safe ideas that may be holding us back. This dangerous pattern prevents personal growth, keeping us static and unable to thrive individually or collectively as we work to push society forward. Without a constant evolution of mindset, humanity would not be what it is today; without innovative thinkers and doers, the world as we know it would not exist. It is necessary for us to drive beyond the boundaries that we limit ourselves with and never cease to foster curiosity, nurture our thirst for knowledge, and encourage critical thinking. We ask you to join us in a new way of functioning. Open new tabs, move old files to the trash, and do not let your screen freeze. CTRL + ALT + DEL and reset your thinking.

"We are a community of creative intellectuals who not only make things, but create with the intention of changing the world. We are thought leaders; paving a creative path for the future of artistic endeavors." Video by Brandon Reeves. www.escovision.com

Some of the team behind TEDxColumbiaCollegeChicago talk about what CTRL + ALT + DEL means and why TED is important. TEDxColumbiaCollegeChicago's event will take place on April 9th. Music: Another Perspective - Silent Partner