2019 Conference Staff

Management Team


Manager’s Assistant

Gavin Diehl

Gavin Diehl is a Music Composition Major with a Minor in ASL. He is the Assistant to the Managing Directors for TedXCCC this year. He is looking forward to sharing the TedX brand at Columbia’s very own conference. He hopes to expand his knowledge of any and all types of music at Columbia to bring into his own work to share with the world.


Creative Team


Creative Assistant

Madeline Hayes


Marketing Team

Fall 2018 Headshot.jpg

Marketing co-director

Gabriela Szczepaniec

Gaby Szczepaniec is an Advertising major at Columbia College Chicago and she is a marketing assistant at TEDxCCC. She is a first-generation, queer woman who is in love with the creative process. She has many interests including: painting, drawing, photography, design, and writing. In her free time, she loves working with dogs—it seems like there is never enough time in the day to do it all. Follow her on Instagram (@ga8u5ia) to see what she does next.

Media Team


Media Assistant

Madeline Banno

Maddi is honored to be working with TEDx as the Media Assistant for the 2019-2020 school year. She’s originally from Boulder, Colorado and is starting her senior year as a Filmmaking Major with concentrations in producing/audio and a minor in voiceover. She also works as an orientation leader and RA for the school. In her free time, Maddi loves rock climbing, listening to podcasts, and keeping it real.

Finance & Development Team


Production Team

Production Director

Esmeralda Rodriquez

Esmeralda Rodriguez is a Music Business: Live & Touring major at CCC with a minor in Management. For TEDxCCC she’s in charge of the production and coordinating for the sneak peak and conference event days. Aside from TEDx she is a member of Student Programming Board, she helps coordinate events with other SPB members and work the event days. She hopes to build on her experiences at CCC so she could put them towards her career as a tour manager.


Speakers Team

Speakers Director

Katy pasquareillo

Katy Pasquariello is a Comedy Writing and Performance major with a double minor in Cultural Studies and Education. She is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Katy is one of the Speaker Directors for the TEDxCCC conference and has given a TED Talk in 2015. Her biggest passions are spreading ideas and advocating for change. 

Managing Director

Katelynne Fulford

Katelynne Fulford is a freshman Graphic Design major at CCC with a minor in Journalism. For TEDxCCC she’s in charge of all the visual and graphic content that it put out in connection to this conference. Aside from graphic design, she also works with photography and writing. She has a successful small freelance business of her own, and hopes to grow her work as an artist while attending CCC. To view more of her work, you can check out her instagram @katoeee or visit her website www.katelynnemarie.com


Creative Director

Alexandera Yacko

Alexandra Yacko is a second year transfer student at CCC. She is currently studying Interior Architecture with a minor in Graphic Design. For TEDxCCC she is the Creative Director, helping with the conferences visual and graphic content. Outside of TED, Alexandra works for Crate&Barrel and is an active artist. She is an extremely outgoing individual with a passion for hiking, climbing, and painting. To get in touch with her, you can check out her instagram @alexyacko. 


marketing co-director

Anthony Karlsson

Anthony Karlsson is a Marketing Major at CCC with a minor in Entrepreneurship. For TEDxCCC, he is the head manager for all promotional content along with advertising the event to the public. Outside of TED, Anthony is also a Fitness and Recreation Leader for Columbia’s Plymouth Court gym. He is a very disciplined and driven individual with a passion for reading, working out, and philanthropy. His biggest goal post-graduation is becoming a Marketing Manager for Google in Los Angeles, California. To reach out to Anthony, follow him on Instagram where he is most active @anthony_karlsson.


Media Director

Anna Lee Ackermann

Anna Lee Ackermann is going into her third year as an Interdisciplinary Documentary student at Columbia College Chicago. This semester she is serving as the Media Director for the TEDxCCC team and is incredibly excited to be a part of something that extends beyond her reach! In her free time, you can find her freelancing as a content creator, cooking, or hammocking with friends! 


Finance & Development Director

Erin ZAhn

Erin Zahn is a sophomore in the Interior Architecture program at Columbia College Chicago. Throughout this process, she has been in charge of watching finances for the team, as well as helping with the development side. Beyond her work at school and TEDxCCC, you can find her enjoying her internship at Stantec, spending time by the lake with friends, or watching any Chicago sports game on TV.


Production ASsistant

David Arreola

David Arreola is a Sophomore at Columbia College Chicago working towards a major in Film-making.