We are a community of creative intellectuals who not only make things, but create with the intention of changing the world. We are thought leaders; paving a creative path for the future of artistic endeavors.”

This year, we evoke PRESENCE.


Feeling alone in a crowded room?

Many of us can relate to this sense of isolation at some point in our lives: that, for whatever reason, be it race, sexuality, personality, or something else, we are unseen. Our voice and all we have to offer is unheard and overlooked and it’s up to us to wander towards the obscured uncertainty of the future alone. The secret is, as alone and powerless as it feels, you’re not: you have a presence that only you can evoke and make known. You have the power to shine light on the darkness isolating you and become a beacon for others to follow as you blaze your own trail, or choose to join with others to prevent another’s light from fading. The process of evoking your presence is all about realizing who you are, how you can help your community, and figuring out what your legacy will be. It can be a difficult journey and there may be doubts, but only by taking a step forward can you escape the dark. So join us, evoke your light, and make your presence known to the world.